Working a 9 to 5 can be stressful and boring at times, many office employees across the world would jump at the opportunity of seeking employment in a sub-tropical foreign country, however most people do not know about the option of working in sub-tropical south China and certainly do not expect to have higher disposable income than back home.


As taxes and living costs rise – as well as job opportunities decrease (Talking about Zero hour contracts here) it may be harder than ever to be satisfied and happy at your office job working 9 to 5 every week. Whats more, if anyone ever mentioned the possibility of teaching English in China you would probably think, my experience is not enough, and it's sounds like pretty hard work for low pay.


Not true! In fact you'll have more disposable income teaching English in a school in most cities in China than back home, furthermore you do not need any related work experience at all! Sound too good to be true? Our service is actually completely free and with no-obligation, see for yourself apply online at and we'll be in touch to arrange interviews and get a new employment contract to you starting in less than 1 month with a real, excellent and reputable employer of foreign english teachers in over 100 cities in China.


On-site training is offered, and the curriculum is fairly simple for english. As the foreign english teacher you'll only be required to help the students communicate freely, accurately and to increase their confidence when speaking with foreigners. That means it's all about chatting, communicating and having a laugh with your students rather than doing much boring grammar, exams and reports (That's left to the Chinese teachers) So how about it? Chatting, discussing and playing games for more salary than back in your home country..... Yes, it's all legal, legitimate and furthermore you'll wish you'd done it sooner.


Your salary, dollar/pound for RMB may not equate to the disposable income calculations you'd be happy with, but wait.... That 1,100GBP /$1,400USD salary offered as a minimum in most schools in China (For first time teachers without experience) is actually not really taxed at all (Expect around 40-50USD in tax) and that will be all for your taxes. Living in China is cheap, your accommodation will set you back no more than $400USD per month (No taxes to add, to that either) and that's living on your own in a nice, newly built and furnished apartment in the middle of most of the major cities in China. Your electricity, water and gas will set you back no more than $15USD per month and your transportation costs will not exceed $8USD per month. Yes, even in the larger cities such as Shanghai or Shenzhen. Going out for dinner is commonplace and meals per head will set you back no more than $3USD per head for Chinese food (It's so yummy!) or western food can be around $6-8USD depending where you go. All in, it's pretty easy to save $500USD per month on your first year in China. After year one, you'll find a huge increase in opportunities available to you and salaries escalate from there.


It's common in China for English teachers on their 3rd or 4th year teaching to take home around 4,500USD per month! And it's all pretty much tax free.


To apply you should have a BA degree or higher qualification in any field and have around $1000USD to pay for your flights, visas and initial costs to get you out to China. Note, your flight costs are re-reimbursed at the end of every year (Even if you don't actually fly or buy a ticket!). We will never ask you to book flights, visas or insurances through companies affiliated with us and/or will never ask for money at any stage of the recruitment process. Our fees are paid for by our schools.


To get started please register your no-obligation interest at

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