Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro, is the main downtown road in the southwestern part of the city is a very popular shopping destination in Macau. There is a central square, Largo do Senado on this road and it has a wave-patterned pavement with a splendid fountain in the center.

Nearby are wonderful little alleys which, with a little exploration are home to fantastic little curio markets, snack stalls, jewelery shops and unique little local shops.

The Monte Fort, a castle in the middle of Macau is very well preseved and can be seen from the main square.

Monte Fort in Macau



Every Casino in Macau is quite incredible. The interior design, shops and amazing extravagence of each casino is mind-blowing!


Casinos to check out:

1) Galaxy. Brand new Casino, one of the most spectacular buildings I've ever seen in the world.

Galaxy Casino Macau


2) Venetian Macau Built in the style of Venice, inside are small canals with Gondolas and Gondola rides are available! With many shops just like in Venice. There is even a Sky painted on the roof.

The Casino Floor is very large with an abundant range of Slot machines, Roulet, Baccarat, Black Jack and many other games too.

Venetian Macau Casino inside

3) Wynn Macau A Wonderful high-class casino with slick ultra-modern design. Well worth a visit.

Wynn Casino Macau Outside

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