Many foreigners flock to Thailand to find job opportunities as Thailand is well known for wonderful travel and beautiful beaches. Did you know you can actually get paid to work in Thailand too? Interested? Below is a selection of tips to assist your job finding in Thailand.


Common issues and questions

Just like any other non-English speaking country, English speakers will find some difficulty in talking with the locals if they can't speak Thai (common issues in Asian countries). Generally the level of english in Thailand is sufficient to communicate and conduct most of your daily routine without any knowledge of Thai. In some more complex cases though, you may need a Thai local to help – Certainly with things such as signing a tenancy contract and/or conducting business in the Country. The best solution is to have local friends who know how to speak fluent English and ask he/she for help if in need. Locals can help you not only with the language problem, but also the potential hassles you may face during your stay in Thailand. While it is impossible to master the language quickly, it is still important to try to at least learn the basics, which can help you immerse more into the local culture. Locals will try their best to help you out even if you just speak a few words.


Religion is an important part of Thai culture and Buddhism is the main and national religion in Thailand. Therefore, showing respect to religion is of utmost importance. For example, when visiting the temples, shoes must be taken off before entering and you should avoid showing your skin as much as possible. Of course, never argue Buddhism with the locals or say negative things about it. As a guest in a foreign country, even if you are helping work there, it's always necessary to show your respects in all cases. This especially applies to the Royal Family because the Thais have a deeper respect for them than we generally do for our royal family.


Understanding the etiquette and customs can greatly reduce the possibility of offending Thai people since there are small thing we do on a daily basis can be offensive toward them. For instance, the head is considered a sacred part of the body and cannot be touched by others (even the head of a person in a painting). Conversely, feet are dirty in their thinking as it is the lowest part of the body. So never point your foot towards the locals.


Types of work in current job market

If you are native English speaker, teaching English will be your easiest and best way to make a living in Thailand. There are always a massive amount of teaching English job opportunities for foreigners out there (requirements for ESL teachers). The average salary for an ESL teacher is 30000-34000 THB per month (approximately 850-950 USD). Normally, you will have to teach 15-30 teaching hours per week (depend on your contract), and the class size is quite large (around 50 students in a class). Sometimes there are subject teaching jobs (English literature, history, science etc.) with higher salary but teachers are required to hold a relevant degree (BSc for science teaching), or have taught the subject before. If you are only looking for a non-teaching job in Thailand, it is extremetely difficult for a foreigner, because the government has so many rules against recruiting the foreign employees over local Thai people for companies, and foreigners are put at a far deeper disadvantage when compared with the Thais who are able to speak fluent English. Unless you have specialist knowledge within a specific sector, it is not recommended to compete with the locals (non-teaching jobs in Thailand).


Apply for jobs in Thailand

To apply for jobs, first please register your account on Find Work Abroad application page, upload your CV and relevant documents, including a recent photo of you, photo of your passport, degree and certificates (if you are applying for an English teaching position, you should have TEFL certificate. No TEFL? Click here). Then use the top left drop-down menu to choose “Thailand” and click the job section below. Remember to use the filters (type, city and salary) to quickly reach the job you want. After successfully submitting your application, you will receive a call from us within 24 hours and you can discuss your requriements and concerns with our consultant to select the best job for you. Once you confirm the interview time with us, you should be preparing for the interview and show the best of you to the interviewer. If the interview is successful (occasionally there is a second round interview or more), you will receive the contract after a few days and when the contract is signed, that means the position is secured by you. Meanwhile, don’t forget to communicate with your employer about your application of working visa.


Future Prospects


Because of lower salary than other Asian countries, after the contract is completed, some expats will look for job opportunities in countries offering higher salaries. According to our clients, 80 percent of them will eventually go to China as experienced teachers can find higher paid jobs with great benefits (provided accommodation, travel reimbursement and insurance etc.) and enjoy low living costs as well. That means they can have huge disposable income and save money. The rest of them may move to South Korea with the desire to experience different Asian cultures and enjoy more comfortable living and work environment.

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