Have you ever dreamed of escaping your home country and living in a foreign place with warm sunshine, exotic culture and beautiful scenery? This is not a dream any more as there are many amazing working abroad opportunities awaiting you in a diverse range of exciting work abroad countries globally. Don't worry about a huge travelling budget, travel the best way, helping others and get paid for it too! Interested? Continue reading for more details.


Some of you may doubt whether a local salary can fully support living in a foreign country (referring to the usual western standard of living). The answer is surprisingly, yes. Nearly always western work & travel applicants can find a high salary job without any difficulty, especially if you are looking to be an ESL (teaching English) teacher in Asia. For example, as an ESL teacher in China (teaching jobs in China), the general starting salary without any teaching experience or qualifications would be between 10000 and 13000 RMB per month, and the highest salary can be up to 20000 RMB per month or more after gaining local teaching experience (depending on working hours and qualifications). Also, positions offer many great benefits such as provided housing (or housing allowance), travelling reimbursement, paid holidays, medical insurance and so on. More importantly, you often get 1-2 months a year of vacation plus local bank holidays so that a long trip to surrounding countries or within the country would be possible and far cheaper as you're already a local by then. Not only that, you are going to have far higher disposable income as the living cost is extremely low compared to back home, meaning you can opt for either a higher standard of living or saving money for your future (find jobs in China).


Plus, as with other popular Asian countries such as South Korea the average salary for an ESL teacher would be 2.1 to 2.3 million KRW monthly (teaching jobs in South Korea). As it is a highly developed country, the living costs will be higher, but instead you can enjoy a better standard of both living and working conditions (find jobs in South Korea). In Thailand, the salary would be 20,000 to 35,000 THB montl on your first year (teaching jobs in Thailand), which seems pretty low compared to the aforementioned countries. This is true however it is sufficient to also enjoy a good standard of living out there thanks to such low living costs. More often than not, the reason for foreigners moving to Thailand is about the idea of working holidays, as Thailand is renowned for its beautiful islands, beaches with delicious food and amazing performances (find jobs in Thailand).


If you dont like the idea of being an ESL teacher, you are still likely to find other types of jobs. Currently, the job market has a variety of openings for foreigners such as managers, designers, engineers, international sales and app developers etc. In order to apply for these sorts of positions, you are required to have extensive experience (2-5+ years experience in the field), relevant degree and broader education (China non-teaching jobs; Thailand non-teaching jobs; South Korea non-taeching jobs).


It is doubtless that a decision of relocating to a new country is quite daunting however. You are going to face people, cultures, environments and many other things you are totally not familiar with. You are probably forced to walk out of your comfort zone to adapt to your life as an expat. If you already have a stable job in your home country, it would be a hard decision to make because you have to gain lots of good reasons to justify the move you are making. Many applicants (aged 25-35) from a variety of backgrounds do really well in countries such as South Korea and China if they decide to make the move. Over 80% of our applicants would recommend teaching English in China after completing their first year.


In addition as international business is gaining more popularity around the world, your working experience in foreign countries would be an added bonus on your resume if you decide to go back home after 1-2 years abroad. With real local experience of living and working in the country and knowing the culture and way of life well employers back home are more willing to hire applicants with international work experience than without. Additionally, you prove to them that you can take on new challenges and not dwell in your comfort zone. Whats more, it is a good chance of learning a brand new language you may find difficult to master back home due to not being able to talk to the natives frequently.


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