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Work Visa for China details

Processing your working visa in China? full details of the process below.

How to get your temporary residence document as a foreigner in China

After entering China you'll need to get a number of documents. Your employer should handle all this for you; one of the tasks your employer may give to you without help is your temporary residence document, full details about getting this is below for your reference.


How to get your Temporary residence document in China

Issued only by the nearest (Designated) Police station to your apartment/hotel. You can find out exactly where to go by asking at hotel reception or by asking at your garden management office. Alternatively, if you've seeked out the nearest police station to you, you can try to ask there but expect to be redirected to other police stations a number of times before finding the right one!


Documents you'll need for your temporary residence:


If you're in a Hotel, just ask at reception and they should handle this all for you. If your in rented accommodation or with a friend you'll need to prepare the following:

Your passport

→ Copy of your passport photo page

→ 2x color passport photos (They don't need to be visa photos)

→ Copy of your tenancy contract (If it's not in your name you'll need to go to the management office of your building to ask for a letter to confirm you live there. If you have a friend who already has temporary residence, take a copy of his/her document with you when you go to apply for yours and say you're living together)

→ Copy of the page of your passport with entry stamp when you arrived in China as well as a copy of your visa

→ If you entered China for work, and your visa is a Z visa, You will need a copy of your employment license (Ask your employer for this)


When I went to do this in Guangzhou, Zhujiang new town, they asked for the landlord tax payments to be checked. I had to go next door to confirm this was paid up. In my case the landlord had paid up to March and it was already 5th April, they wanted payment of the current month before they would let me go ahead. I paid it up and confirmed with the landlord if I could take the money out of the next rent payment, which was fine.



The next day I collected the temporary residence document.

Article Author: Attilio Infante
Date: 15/04/2015 02:12
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Attilio Infante, the owner of Find Work Abroad, has processed over 150x working visas in Guangzhou.

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