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Work Visa for China details

Processing your working visa in China? full details of the process below.

Work & residency visa documents list

Documents required by the applicant for processing a working (Z) and residency visa to live and work in China as a foreign employee (Of non-Chinese nationality). These documents are modified originals listed in order of when they should be processed or obtained. All these documents have successfully processed a working (Z) visa in China many times before. Note, some of these documents you may never see, for example the Employment License, which is not needed by some embassies and for safety some employers may hold on to this document unless the embassy requests it.

1. Medical check BEFORE entering China
Note: The N/A for the X-ray and ECG scans where these have not been done (It's unnecessary to do so unless you know you may have an issue with this part of your health) 

 Work visa medical before entering China



Medical before entering China - Z visa


2. Invitation letter

Note: The Chinese embassy for receiving the letter is listed at the top. Ensure this is correct for your nearest embassy or it will be denied.

Work visa invitation letter example for China 

3. Z (Work Visa) example
Note: This is usually only valid for 30-60 days and has only 1 entry as after arriving in China your employer will convert this to a residency visa for you. Don't make any travel plans for 1-month after entering China as you will not have your passport on you.    

 Work visa China example



-------------- Travel to China ------------------- 



4. Temporary residence document 

Temporary residence document for foreigners in China 


5. Medical check AFTER coming to China (including X-Ray & ECG)

Medical for foreigners in China after entering example

Medical for foreigners after entering China

6. Employment permit

Work permit for foreigners in China example

7. Residence Visa/permit

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Date: 02/02/2018 04:36
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Attilio Infante, the owner of Find Work Abroad, has processed over 150x working visas in Guangzhou.

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