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Find Work Abroad was established in 2010 by Atti Infante, an Englishman from South England in Guangzhou, China. After teaching English for 1 year in 2008 Atti returned 2 years later to start the company with the vision of candidates first.

Up until 2010 teachers were signing away 50-100% of their first months pay check to go directly to the employment agency. Find Work Abroad established a new way of recruiting based on recruitment in the UK which charged the employers only.

"Super high demand overnight"

Atti, hiring one employee in his apartment in Guangzhou were overwhelmed with candidates finding work in China. Averaging 10-20 applications per day, it was a very busy time. The problem was, there were very few schools.

Busily, finding new schools to send candidates to, took time. In the course of 24 months over 250 schools had signed with Find Work Abroad and we were adding around 10-15 new employers per month.

Teaching English in Guangzhou

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Offices and legalisation

It took roughly 1-year to complete the company paperwork of a fully limited WFOE (100% foreign owned) company in Atti's name. Following that, official offices were established and the staff which had grown to 8 full time employees all moved to the new offices we are currently at today.

We worked carefully on filtering out employers from then on. At that point over 500 employers had signed with us and we were flitering the list down to only the finest, professional institutions following contracts, offering excellent work environments and ensuring teachers bonuses were paid according to the contract.
Employers with poor management, failing to process working visas in a timely manner, with poor contracts and sometimes not following them in their entirety were quickly blocked.

Now, our selection of top-employers are all legitimate, trustworthy and more importantly absolutely wonderful places to work.

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Id Title Salary Location Hours Housing Students Type
Job 8335 jobs Part Time English Teacher needed in Huangpu kindergarten in Guangzhou, start in September ¥1430CNY 1430CNY /month. Huangpu Guangzhou, China Tuesday afternoon two hours,Thursday 4.5hours not provided Kindergarten Part time Apply

Job 8328
Work visa provided for job in Shenzhen ,China jobs
Inexperienced Accepted. English Teacher in Luohu, Shenzhen, start immediately ¥11000CNY 15000CNY /month. Luohu Shenzhen, China Wednesday to Friday from 13:30PM-20:30PM, Saturday and Sunday from 9:00AM-18:00PM, Monday and Tuesday off not provided Training center (Children) Full time Apply

Job 8327 jobs Mornings opportunity, kindergarten in Guangzhou ¥5600CNY 5600CNY /month. Tianhe Guangzhou, China 200 RMB per hour, 7.5 teaching hours per week from Monday to Friday Morning not provided Kindergarten Part time Apply

Job 8320
Housing provided for job in Wuhan ,China
Work visa provided for job in Wuhan ,China jobs
Teach English in High School in Jingmen, Hubei, start in September, 2017 ¥10000CNY 12000CNY /month. Jingmen Wuhan, China Work 5 days per week from 8:00am-5:00pm with 3 hours break time, 2 days off accommodation is provided High school Full time Apply

Job 8315
Housing provided for job in Guangzhou ,China
Work visa provided for job in Guangzhou ,China jobs
College English Teacher in Panyu, Guangzhou, start in September ¥12000CNY 12000CNY /month. Panyu Guangzhou, China Monday to Friday 8:10-11:50am, 13:40-16:30pm, weekends off provided University Full time Apply

Job 8303 jobs 220RMB / HR Gangding, 9Hrs / Weekend. Good Schedule Teaching Children ¥7500CNY 8000CNY /month. Tian he Guangzhou, China Saturday Afternoon 3 hrs, Sunday morning 4 hrs, afternoon 2 hrs not provided (part time) Kindergarten Part time Apply

Job 8293
Housing provided for job in Shanghai ,China High salary job in Shanghai ,China
Work visa provided for job in Shanghai ,China jobs
Montessori Teacher in International Kindergarten in Changning, Shanghai, start immediately ¥27500CNY 27500CNY /month. Changning Shanghai, China Monday to Friday from 8:00am - 4:00pm, weekends off 8500rmb as monthly housing allowance provided (offer help with finding apartment) Kindergarten Full time Apply

Job 8292
Housing provided for job in Hunan ,China
Work visa provided for job in Hunan ,China jobs
Teach AP History in High School in Changsha,start in August ¥13000CNY 15000CNY /month. Changsha Hunan, China 8:00-17:30 from Monday to Friday, weekends off;About 25 teaching hours a week plus 15 office hours, 40 working hours in total provided High school Full time Apply


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