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Requirements to Teach English in China

We make Teaching English in China easy, even if you've never worked overseas before.

The requirements to work in China are low, a BA Degree or higher is required but you do not need any teaching experience, you can also earn a salary around 4 times the local wage in your first year.
This salary goes a long way when your rent and bills will be no more than 30% of your monthly wage.

When teaching english in China you will, in nearly all cases have far more disposable income, as well as a more enjoyable and rewarding life, compared with back home; and don't worry you won't need to speak Chinese!

Working abroad in China is a lovely experience as the people are warm, welcoming and genuine. The culture is fascinating and the experience and skills you'll learn constitute an unforgettable life experience you cannot find any other way.

Working visa requirements to Teach English

Working (Z visa) for teaching English

1. BA Degree or Higher (Essential)
2. 60/120 hour TEFL certificate (Or TESOL, CELTA etc. Can be completed in 2 days online. click here)
3. Native English Nationality (UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zeland or South Africa)
4. 21 to 55 years of age
5. 2 years post-graduate work experience (In any field, ONLY for Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai - Other cities DO NOT require this)

Note: If your BA is in an education related field a TEFL is NOT required, 120 hour TEFL required for Shenzhen, Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai

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Shanghai City Dusk

Other types of working visa in China

If you're going for a non-teaching role, Director of studies or other position a different type of working visa is offered. This type of working visa can be offered by any company in China, however they need to justify why a local Chinese national could not perform the position they are hiring for. A reference letter confirming 2 or more years related work experience in a non-Chinese company is usually required for employees under 30 years old, or employees without solid related work experience.

Working (Z visa) for professional and management roles

1. BA Degree or Higher (Essential)
2. 21 to 65 years of age
3. 2 years post-graduate work experience (In the RELATED field of employment. A Reference Letter IS REQUIRED)

Note: Any nationality can get this visa, note you must have a reference letter.

No BA Degree and Misc. working visas

If you do not satisfy the above requirements it is not possible to legitimately get a working visa in China.
If you know of friends working in China without a BA or the requirements listed above, either they had a working visa years ago when the rules were less strict and have renewed it since then, Or they are working on a Business or Tourist visa.

Many teachers still do work on a tourist or business visa although it comes with small risks. Usually, employers have good relationships with local police stations if this is happening and are rarely checked. Although, if you qualify for a working visa you should always try to get one as it saves having to exit the country every 2-3 months if you're on a Business or Tourist visa.

Shenzhen City Dusk

Shenzhen City Dusk

Important requirements to work in China

Financially, you must have around £1000/$1500 available to pay for your visas, flights and first month to live and work in China. Note that your initial costs are reimbursed to you at the end of your contract in the form of an end of contract bonus.

Key requirements

1. At least £1000GBP or $1500 available for initial flights, visas and costs to get started
2. Available for a minimum of 12-month contract
3. Adaptable/Cultural awareness recommended
4. Chatty/Confident personalities will find teaching in China easy

If you've never taught before, there's no need to worry, full training and support is offered. Many foreign teachers who've never taught before learn to teach within 1-2 weeks.

Recent Teaching Jobs in China

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Id Title Salary Location Hours Housing Students Type
Job 8335 jobs Part Time English Teacher needed in Huangpu kindergarten in Guangzhou, start in September ¥1430CNY 1430CNY /month. Huangpu Guangzhou, China Tuesday afternoon two hours,Thursday 4.5hours not provided Kindergarten Part time Apply

Job 8328
Work visa provided for job in Shenzhen ,China jobs
Inexperienced Accepted. English Teacher in Luohu, Shenzhen, start immediately ¥11000CNY 15000CNY /month. Luohu Shenzhen, China Wednesday to Friday from 13:30PM-20:30PM, Saturday and Sunday from 9:00AM-18:00PM, Monday and Tuesday off not provided Training center (Children) Full time Apply

Job 8327 jobs Mornings opportunity, kindergarten in Guangzhou ¥5600CNY 5600CNY /month. Tianhe Guangzhou, China 200 RMB per hour, 7.5 teaching hours per week from Monday to Friday Morning not provided Kindergarten Part time Apply

Job 8320
Housing provided for job in Wuhan ,China
Work visa provided for job in Wuhan ,China jobs
Teach English in High School in Jingmen, Hubei, start in September, 2017 ¥10000CNY 12000CNY /month. Jingmen Wuhan, China Work 5 days per week from 8:00am-5:00pm with 3 hours break time, 2 days off accommodation is provided High school Full time Apply

Job 8315
Housing provided for job in Guangzhou ,China
Work visa provided for job in Guangzhou ,China jobs
College English Teacher in Panyu, Guangzhou, start in September ¥12000CNY 12000CNY /month. Panyu Guangzhou, China Monday to Friday 8:10-11:50am, 13:40-16:30pm, weekends off provided University Full time Apply

Job 8303 jobs 220RMB / HR Gangding, 9Hrs / Weekend. Good Schedule Teaching Children ¥7500CNY 8000CNY /month. Tian he Guangzhou, China Saturday Afternoon 3 hrs, Sunday morning 4 hrs, afternoon 2 hrs not provided (part time) Kindergarten Part time Apply

Job 8293
Housing provided for job in Shanghai ,China High salary job in Shanghai ,China
Work visa provided for job in Shanghai ,China jobs
Montessori Teacher in International Kindergarten in Changning, Shanghai, start immediately ¥27500CNY 27500CNY /month. Changning Shanghai, China Monday to Friday from 8:00am - 4:00pm, weekends off 8500rmb as monthly housing allowance provided (offer help with finding apartment) Kindergarten Full time Apply

Job 8292
Housing provided for job in Hunan ,China
Work visa provided for job in Hunan ,China jobs
Teach AP History in High School in Changsha,start in August ¥13000CNY 15000CNY /month. Changsha Hunan, China 8:00-17:30 from Monday to Friday, weekends off;About 25 teaching hours a week plus 15 office hours, 40 working hours in total provided High school Full time Apply


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