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Find Work Abroad Reviews

Reviews from independent teachers and professionals who've recently used our service.

All applicants having applied for a job with Find Work Abroad are automatically e-mailed to leave feedback on our website following successfully going to an interview with any of our clients. This feedback is listed here for you to view to assist with choosing the best option when seeking work in China.

Candidate Rating Review Date

Wellington Reneau's photo
(5.0/ 5.0)
The information on this website is very easy to understand.

Wellington Reneau
17/10/2016 08:49 View

Alexander Anglin's photo
(4.8/ 5.0)
Find Work Abroad was extremely helpful to me during my time searching for a job. I could not have found the quality of job I did without the help of this service.

Alexander Anglin
26/08/2016 03:07 View

 Tatianna's photo
(5.0/ 5.0)
Lucy was amazing! She was extremely friendly and she replied very quickly. I would recommend her to any and everyone! Thanks again! -Tati

25/08/2016 02:32 View

Owen Davies's photo
(4.6/ 5.0)
You're nice people to deal with.

Owen Davies
15/08/2016 05:28 View

Angel Garcia Safont's photo
(4.4/ 5.0)
:) Thanks a lot

Angel Garcia Safont
11/08/2016 12:31 View

Ross Andrew's photo
(5.0/ 5.0)
jennifer is very friendly and helpful and tried her best to get me job even with my late september start she managed ti find me a position in a city of my request. regards Ross

Ross Andrew
09/08/2016 08:47 View

Jacqueline Askew's photo
(4.4/ 5.0)
Thank you for your help in finding a job! Jasmine was extremely helpful.

Jacqueline Askew
02/08/2016 08:51 View

william jesset 's photo
(5.0/ 5.0)
Thank you so very much for your company's support in making job placement an easy transition for me. Please consider what I have said above concerning Ms.Amy Wen, my opinion the best thing about yo...
william jesset
01/08/2016 08:43 View

Cathy Bisschoff's photo
(5.0/ 5.0)
To Whom It May Concern: I have found all interactions with Find Work Abroad to be proactive and impressive. Originally I was sent a link to your site by a friend in the States. I did a cursory ...
Cathy Bisschoff
20/07/2016 09:19 View

Antonia's photo
(5.0/ 5.0)
Hello, dear FWA team I want to say a big thank you for your help . What you do is really important, especially for those people who just came to China or planning to come. I could feel your support ...
20/07/2016 06:42 View

Dewald 's photo
(5.0/ 5.0)
Just want to thank all the staff who helped us in this journey in getting the perfect job. Much appreciated

16/07/2016 19:09 View

Patrick Poe's photo
(5.0/ 5.0)
Thank you so very much for your help getting me started on a new career path.

Patrick Poe
15/07/2016 05:48 View

Timothy Gibson's photo
(4.8/ 5.0)
Very pleased with the whole process!

Timothy Gibson
07/07/2016 12:53 View

Tinus Potgieter's photo
(5.0/ 5.0)
I really found the process easy and the staff very helpfull and friendly. Great work!

Tinus Potgieter
04/07/2016 07:56 View

Johannes Hendrik  Loots's photo
(4.0/ 5.0)
Keep up the good work and your success is guaranteed

Johannes Hendrik Loots
17/06/2016 10:32 View

Julie Costa's photo
(3.0/ 5.0)
you gave me a great, friendly and super professional service. thanks again!

Julie Costa
01/06/2016 08:03 View

Cari S. Yu's photo
(4.8/ 5.0)
I would recommend this agency to others.

Cari S. Yu
27/05/2016 16:00 View

Schalk Willem Petrus de Waal's photo
(5.0/ 5.0)
Very happy with your service.

Schalk Willem Petrus de Waal
25/05/2016 09:38 View

Thomas Gordob's photo
(5.0/ 5.0)
Thank you Jasmine, you are a star.

Thomas Gordob
03/05/2016 04:19 View

Brandi Holiman's photo
(5.0/ 5.0)

Brandi Holiman
01/05/2016 17:03 View

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