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Low Working Hours, teach in Kindergarten in Henan, up to 10000RMB, Z visa provided, weekends off, start in September,2018

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Henan Teaching Kindergarten english job Id: 8812

Job id: 8812
Salary: ¥9000CNY to ¥10000CNY per month
Location: Zhengzhou Henan, China
Industry: Education
Working Hours: 18 classes(about 50 min per class) a week without office hours
Positions: 1
Date posted: Tue, 19 Feb 2019 00:00:00 +0000
Students: Kindergarten

Working visa: Yes, processed by employer
Accommodation: Provided
Other benefits: See job description below

Nationality: British, American, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand, Irish, South African
Age: 20 to 60
Experience: Required
TEFL or higher teaching certificate: Not required

BA Degree (or Higher): Required
Approx. Salary conversions
Salary in US Dollars USD $1,343.70 to $1,493.00 monthly
Salary in Euros EUR €1,179.90 to €1,311.00 monthly
Salary in British Pounds GBP £1,023.30 to £1,137.00 monthly
Salary in Canadian Dollars CAD $1,795.50 to $1,995.00 monthly
Salary in Australian Dollars AUD $1,889.10 to $2,099.00 monthly
Salary in South African Rand ZAR R19,080.00 to R21,200.00 monthly

Housing provided for job in Henan ,China work visa provided, Henan ,China

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Mon, 19 Mar 2018 02:38:04 +0000

Amazing kindergarten in Zhengzhou, Henan province offers a fantastic environment for teachers and students. We are looking for English teachers to join our team in September,2018.

Working schedule:

Monday to Friday ,18working hours ,weekends off 
Age of Students: 3-6 yrs


• Native speaker of English from the following countries: (US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa) 
• Teaching experience is preferred 
• Punctual, outgoing and enthusiastic work attitude 

What we offer: 

1. Monthly salary of 9000 RMB to 10000RMB (depending on qualifications and experience)
2. A 'travel allowance' of 2000RMB, paid during the 'Spring Festival' period.
3. One round trip air ticket up to the value of 15,000RMB per contract period
4. Up to six-weeks paid holiday during the 'Spring Festival' in January and February

5. Teachers will be entitled to all holidays normally observed in China.
6. Teachers will also be entitled to 2 holidays particular to their religion or nation.

7.Free Chinese teacher who teach you Chinese.
8. All teachers will be supplied with a 2 bedroom flat on-campus: electricity, Internet and filtered drinking water are supplied without charge. All flats come with basic cooking facilities, white goods, furniture, bed linen, two air conditioners (one in the main bedroom and one in the front room), a laundry washing machine, refrigerator, and a desktop computer. The campus includes dining facilities for everyone as well as convenience stores and a couple of coffee shops.

9. An opportunity to experience REAL CHINA.


Documents to apply : 
- Resume/CV with a recent photo 
- a copy of your passport (with photo page) 

Feel free to contact us, if you are interested and know more details: 



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great service, find work in china review great service, find work in china review great service, find work in china review great service, find work in china review great service, find work in china review (5.0/5.0)

Miss Amy Wen, I want to take this opportunity to express my gratitute for all your hard work helping me to find the dream position in Zhengzhou Chongging University. All your numerous Emails , calls to and from your personal cell phone EVEN on your weekend off visiting family you cared enough to take the time to handle business on my behalf. Your professionalism displayed at all times is incredible! You are major asset to your employers and I wish to tell them that never was I so proud as I am now to have the good fortune to have you, Miss Wen at my service. I trusted you with my future happiness and you didn't disappoint me. Everyword you said was true and I felt that trust as you held my hand guiding me to this University. You took pity on me when I told you ,like I would tell a sister how things have been for me workwise in the past 8 years working in China. You found this position and made it possible for me to come here. I cannot express my thanks to you enough, Im overwhelmed to the verge of tears at your kind personal touch..I felt like you were helping me as a friend and not just a faceless client. God bless you Amy Wen God bless you Forever in your debt, William Jesset P.S . Note to your employers: I've spoken with representative from all points in China who make promise's of this and that ..Never once did I believe them. It was all talk with no actions taken, no proof of anything just more talk and if I were foolish enough to do so(to believe with my greed and not my heart)and grab at their offers of BIG money...HAH! I said to myself I cannot do this because I owe Miss Wen the respect she showed me. She said what she did and she did what she said..she brought the things to my table. Like a valid website and a valid contract and valid contact numbers . Because of this I am now in Gongyi Henan in a beautiful spacious clean apartment on the campus awaiting the process of a Z visa. And if that fails to happen, I just know Amy would try again to help me till it is done! She's saved me from having to return to my home country and keep my dream of living and working in this beautiful country of yours that you have made my home too ,China . I thank you sirs, Wm Jesset Amy Wen is an commited honorable person who deserves yours and mine respect.You should be proud to have the likes of her working for you. This is yours and my good fortune. "FIND WORK ABROAD" five stars *****

Review date: 25/06/2014 02:53

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