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Teach in Jingzhou, Hubei. High school, Middle school. Elementary school opportunities, up to 12k per month, Accommodation, Z visa provided, start in September

Job Details

Hubei Teaching High school english job Id: 5819

Job id: 5819
Salary: 11000CNY to 12000CNY per month
Location: Jingzhou Hubei, China
Industry: Education
Working Hours: High school ;7;40-12;10 am, 13;10-16;30 pm. Middle school; 07;40-11;40 am, 13;30-17;00 pm. Elementary school; 8;00-11;50 am, 13;15-17;00 pm, weekends off
Positions: 6
Date posted: Tue, 30 May 2023 00:00:00 +0000
Students: High school

Working visa: Yes, processed by employer
Accommodation: Provided
Other benefits: See job description below

Nationality: British, American, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand, Irish
Age: 25 to 70
Experience: Required
TEFL or higher teaching certificate: Required (No TEFL? click here)

BA Degree (or Higher): Required
Approx. Salary conversions
Salary in US Dollars USD $1,551.00 to $1,692.00 monthly
Salary in Euros EUR €1,441.00 to €1,572.00 monthly
Salary in British Pounds GBP £1,237.50 to £1,350.00 monthly
Salary in Canadian Dollars CAD $2,085.60 to $2,275.20 monthly
Salary in Australian Dollars AUD $2,359.50 to $2,574.00 monthly
Salary in South African Rand ZAR R30,470.00 to R33,240.00 monthly

Housing provided for job in Hubei ,China work visa provided, Hubei ,China

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Excellent opportunities teaching in a top-end international school in Jingzhou, Hubei. This school is looking for ESL teachers to join their welcoming team. High School/ Middle School/ Elementary School opportunities are available. The teaching starts in September.

This school is looking for ESL teachers with at least two years teaching experience, the age less than 60-year-old. School accepts native English teachers with BA degree, 120TEFL/TESOL certificate. You can teach in a well-organized environment, combining work with pleasure.

The salary is 1800USD (11000RMB)-1900USD(12000RMB) per month depending on your qualifications and teaching experience.

Your teaching schedule is 45-50minutes per class, 15 classes per week in Primary schools /Middle school/High school.

High school teaching schedule?

7:40-12:10 am, 13:10-16:30 pm from Monday to Friday, weekends off

Middle school teaching schedule:

07:40-11:40 am, 13:30-17:00 pm from Monday to Friday, weekends off

Elementary school teaching schedule:

8:00-11:50 am, 13:15-17:00 pm  from Monday to Friday, weekends off

A single well-furnished apartment is provided. You can enjoy 1500USD (about 9000RMB) flight allowance after accomplishing your one-year contract. And you will be paid for the winter and summer holidays (about 90 days) and the other bonus is included in the contract. A legal working visa is provided.

Please notice that you should have a CRC (non criminal record) and 2-3 reference letters from your previous work units, and send your documents to us before we arrange the interviews.

Online or in person interview is accepted immediately. If you are interested in this position, please submit your application in full to our website in order for your application to be handled immediately.

Reviews from candidates with this employer


Apologize for such a late reply.\nI wish to express my heartfelt thanks and appreciation for your service. This is the second position your firm has provided for me.\nMost importantly I need for the employers of a Miss Amy Wen to fully understand how valuable a employee she is.\nMy inbox is full of her replies to my concerns about employment i.e. "to continue to be a productive member of society while residing within China".\nAs a young man of 60 , I needn't explain how difficult it would be to return to my home country after "being out of touch" for nearly a decade.\nThere is no work for a senior, and even should there be positions available, I haven't family nor friends nor a home to return to .\n\nMiss Wen, is like a daughter who is taking care of the poor "uncle" . I believe she understand my fears and worries, also about my future.\nNot only in China but anywhere. Twice she has worked hard for me to have a comfortable life, teaching children. A very wonderful life.\nHer advice and her commitment to myself, is exemplary. \nPhone calls,personal messages,even after work on her own time! Unbelievable her commitment.\nHow do I react? By sending her frivolous emails , complaining and not believing , like a small child in the back seat of an automobile.\n"Are we there yet ? Did I get the Visa, whats taking so long ? wa wa wa wa over and over, again and again , the same questions.\n\nFirst interview I had with this new school , I failed terribly. Miss Wen did some type of "magic" and was able to reschedule another interview.\nShe gave me her personal coaching and wisdom in how to improve my response to the interviewer's question's. She even had them give me a chance to produce a "lesson plan" to help "sell " them on the concept of hiring a "60 year old".\n\nHow arrogant of me to act like I was her only "client". If she produce's this much of an effort for me, assume she does it for all those other client's she's dealt with.\nMore over, this is now the highest salary I have ever received for what comes easy for me . Make children laugh and learn to speak English.\n\nI asked Miss Wen to help me last December to find work. My stipulation ? Substantial renumeration and working with children. An nearly impossible request, nay a demand.\nI need to be able to earn and save money for a retirement as this opportunity to be a teacher will be over soon, I am already past the age of consideration.\nYet here I am in an office within the campus of Wuhan Maple Leaf International School writing to you now.\nImpossible? Yes,because I still haven't been able to believe my good fortune. Miss Amy Wen has done the impossible to get me here.\n\nAssist me please to fully understand my current contract as I am fairly ignorant about these matters.\nI believe if my eyes haven't deceived me . It's a two year contract ?\n\nThat would be so fantastic , hopefully I will be able to earn enough to finally travel to the place's I dream about when the day is though.\n\nSincerely \nWilliam Jesset \nWuhan Hebei PRC \n\nP.S. If you haven't promoted or given Miss Wen a increase in her salary , I strongly advise you to do so NOW! Lest she jump ship and lend her talents elsewhere.
william jesset

Review date: 17/07/2015 02:40

This employer complies with our strict requirements for hiring foreign employees in China.

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