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Today I would like to talk with you about a city with a thousand years of history, it is located in south of China, close to Guangdong and Hunan provinces. It is Ganzhou which is belonging to Jiangxi province.

Maybe some of you have heard of this city before, but do you really know its history and its special attractions?

Ganzhou, the second largest city in Jiangxi province, people often call it Gannan region, is the world's most important Tungsten production location; known as “World Tungsten”. Ganzhou, is the original place of the Hakkas People Culture. The language of Hakkas is special and more complicated than Cantonese or Mandarin. The Hakka Round House is well-known in Hakka culture; these houses are cool in the summer and warm in the winter; In the past, Hakkas Round House was for preventing aggression from other people, because its walls are strong it symbolizes that people can defend all aggression together.


Speaking of Gannan food, Stewed Chicken with Three Cups Sauce will come to my mind. It is stewed with a cup of rice wine, a cup of lard oil and a cup of soy sauce. After it is finished, the meat has strong flavor, sweet yet salty, salty but fresh. It was rated a Top 10 “Chinese Dish” traditional and classical dish in Jiangxi Province. Steamed Fish with Rice Flour, is steamed by rice flour and fish, golden color and a little bit spicy, no fishy smell and strong pleasant smell. It was called “Four Stars are looking at the Moon” by Chairman Mao. Stir-Fried Fish and Fish Cake are also well-known Jiangxi Dish.


In Ganzhou, the Ancient City Wall is the only brick wall still remaining from the Song Dynasty that has been well preserved till today. It is free to visit there, but you can learn all the stories about Ganzhou in this City Wall. You can get to the Bajing Terrace, Floating Bridge and The Harmony Bell Tower which is the biggest mechanical clock in the world if you go straight along the City Wall. You can also visit the Tongtian Rock Scene, Hakka Cultural City and Jiuzhai Hot Springs.


If you feel like a break from the city like and fancy being more in touch with nature, Ganzhou is the right choice for your next job. Here I've added a unique opportunity to teach English in a public and famous university in Ganzhou:

1, Salary: 10000RMB with legal Z visa

2, Working hours: Monday to Friday, no office hours, no more than 18 classes a week , weekends off

3, Free apartment with furniture provided

4, Full pay during winter holiday

5, Travel allowance provided per semester + meal allowance is provided+ round trip air ticket provided after completing one-year contract

6, Students age: 19-21 years old


*Native English Speaker ONLY

*BA degree or higher educational background

*Teaching experience is preferred


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