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Guiyang, capital of Guizhou province, is one of the central cities in southwest China. It is the national leisure tourism city, with a reputation of being "The Chinese summer capital". Specifically,  the forest coverage rate of Guiyang is 46.5% which is more than Vancouver, Cnanada at 36%, Paris, France at 27%, Hawaii, America at 30% and Bangkok, Thailand at 20%. Apart from being the backbone of Guizhou's tourism industry, Guiyang is also the financial and business center of Guizhou province.


Guizhou is a multi-ethinc province, there are at least 18 Minorities in this area. You can travel to the homes and villages of locals to learn their traditional culture. Miao is the most popular of the minorities in Guiyang, you can go to Miao Village. Miao People always are warm hearted, they always wear traditional clothes, traditional jewelry which are so special. You can enjoy their tea, their traditional songs, their campfire parties and their dancing. There is no phone time or pressure, you can totally relax yourself here and enjoy your night. You will feel life is so wonderful!


Guiyang Huaxi national urban wetland park is the first national urban wetland park in Guizhou province, where the temperature is comfortable and pleasant. And the average temperature is around 15.3 Degree Celsius in a year. Winter without cold, summer without heat, mild and humid climate, fresh and pleasant air, with ecological "big oxygen bar", natural "big air conditioning" reputation. Huaxi wetland park, with the Huaxi river as the link, connects three scenic spots -- Shilihetan, Huaxi park, and the agricultural sightseeing belt from Luoping to Pingqiao.


The scenic spot has landform features of winding valleys, steep gullys and integrates mountain, waters, caves, pool,s waterfalls, Tiansheng bridge and canyons. There are holes in the mountains, and there is water in the caves. Guizhou landscape bonsai concentration of the United States, known as the "one must in central Guizhou".


When it comes to the food, Zunyi Bean Flour, Mutton Powder, Spicy Chiken, Si Wa Wa, Fenggang Health Oil Tea....will come to my mind. Zunyi Bean Flour is a traditional snack with good taste, soft and smooth, spicy flavor. Mutton Powder is made by fresh mutton, water rice noodles, it is more delicious than roast mutton in Inner Mongolia! Si Wa Wa could be the cheapest snack in Guiyang. It is made of flour and stuffed with various sliced cooked vegetables. Sour and spicy juices are necessities when tasting the Si Wa Wa! You will love these food I believe!


If you feel like a break from the city like and fancy being more in touch with nature, Guiyang is the right choice for your next job. Here I've added a unique opportunity to teach Drama at a wonderful Drama School in Guiyang:


*Native English Speaker or European candidates!

*BA degree or Higher educational in drama

*TEFL certificate is preferred

*Teaching experience in drama is preferred


*Base salary: 14000-17000RMB with work visa + housing allowance

*Annual bonus provided+Air allowance provided+Teaching training provided

*Shipping or excess baggage allowance provided


For more details and if you are interested in this job, please send me your resume and recent photo, then we will contact you back to help.


But if you are not qualified for this job,I apologize in advance, and be sure to check out our hundreds of jobs from direct employers all across China at:



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