Foshan is covered in Bars and Clubs from outdoor bamboo styled traditional beach styled bars to Bar Nightclubs where you'll place the dice game all night, recieve unlimited free drinks from the locals and have a night you'll never forget, Every time!

If you're into the more relaxed live music scene you can get well priced cocktails and wine at Channel 6 Bar. At Channel 6 you'll have an excellent live band playing english music until the early hours. Cocktails are 30rmb each and have a wide selection many of which you'll already know. They also serve a selection of wines and of course beer.

If you're after a fun night, lots of beer and many Chinese inviting you to drink with them (free drinks all night) you should be going to a bar/club called Lan Gui Fang in Chinese: ??? you’ll find it on Hui qi yi Road in Chinese: ????

Be prepared to buy 12 beers at around 200 to 250 Yuan depending on your preferance. The bar is a good size and the DJ booth rotates in the center of the club. There isn't much of a dance area though.

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