Before dedicating yourself into an oversea educational career, you may have respectable experiences of job interviews during the job hunting process. Or you're just new in the process. No matter what type of interview you're going to prepare for, I'd love to talk about the interview that I had experienced when I applied for a teaching job overseas. I hope it can do you a favor more or less and all you guys could get the perfect job you’re looking for.

Next I'm going to present some details in aspects that you are supposed to pay more attention to, because the information did impress me a lot at that time.

Know more about the school that you're interviewing with

I hope you have considered previously and decided which country you want to go to teach and dwell in. If not, I advise you do that as in as much detail as possible.

No matter which country you choose, at least the place should be known to you on some level and similar to your life customs as far as you are comfortable with. Or you want to try something totally adventurous and new then you can look for a place with different culture and civilization from your home country.

Besides this, there is additional research you're supposed to do in order to know more about the history, teaching course and task of the target school. The merits of this research will be presented on two aspects:

On the one hand, it will offer you a chance to know if you are really interested in and suitable for the position. On the other hand, the previous understanding of the school will give you a hint when you are questioned with something related during the interview.

Have the confidence to reflect and sell yourself

After finishing your research, you are expected to take a self-reflection on your former teaching career and better make a conclusion, including the strengths and weaknesses.

From the self-reflective information, you could get the whole picture of how you can promote yourself to be more competitive and distinguished as an educator. I remember that the school I had interviewed with showed their great interests in my classes of Advanced placement and International baccalaureate. So if you are a teacher for a second language and possess both AP and IB experiences, you will be more popular.

You can, without too much effort, make a number of improvements during interview which will make all the difference in getting your star job, specifically those rooms that must be put forward while the school is making the background investigations.

What's the more important point is to understand how to sell yourself as a educator in front of the interviewers. Here are two questions that the school recruiters ask most:

1) Why do you want to teach a second language in our school?

2) What is your teaching style or the teaching strategy?

The preceding research you make on the school will be essential in the first question. When you're replying the question, you have the opportunity to tell them how much you fit for the position by utilizing your major advantages and teaching experiences to win their first good impression.

The second question can be easier after the self-reflective conclusion you made. Here you can sell yourself as a experienced guider in the classroom. The prepared teaching strategy you utilize in front of students will make you calm and confident when you're interviewed. Let them know you're good enough for the job.

Practice makes perfect

Every skill, including the skill of interview, can be practiced well until you really master it. So doing more practice will make the interview much easier for you.

In spite of your calmness or fear during the interview, practicing will do more good than harm when you're really into the process. In case you have little interview experience, I recommend you find someone as the interviewer to practice. Practicing will help you have a prepared mindset.

Find a friend or family member to do as much practice as possible. You don't have to remember all answers of those interviewing questions by heart, just having a basic understanding of them will be OK.