1. Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam

Located in the southwestern border of Vietnam, Phu Quoc island is full of picturesque beaches, wonderful local seafood and island grown pepper which has a unique flavour you won't find anywhere else. The archipelago of over 100 islands is known as "pearl islands" among the locals. In this refreshingly not overdeveloped island, you can chill on untouched beaches, sipping perfect Mojitos, while the astounding beauty is all around, at the same time, being very reasonably priced and the happiest locals you'll ever find! 


Highly recommended activities include:-

fishing, renting motorbikes, going to starfish beach, checking out Rory's bar on the beach and enjoying a good red snapper for dinner.


If you decide to go to starfish beach, rent a motorbike and prepare for a good day's adventure. Take the main road up to the north-east of the island and take a left at Xom Moi (On Google maps), follow the Suoi Cai- Ganh Dau road, take a right into Rach Vem and then about 100m before you hit the sea, take the small single dirt walk path right for 5-10 minutes. After crossing the bridge starfish beach is through the trees.


Phu quoc island is a unique tourist paradise, with strong local culture, the island is also known for its superior fish sauce and unique local pepper. With a spicy taste, it is more delicious than the fish sauce produced in Vietnam. The night market in Duom Don is great, and the local seafood is unforgettable as are the wonderful locals!


Daily direct flights: 5 

Flight duration: 3 hours

Ticket price: 1,177RMB – 2,237RMB



2. Langkawi, Malaysia

Langkawi, located on the northwest coast of the peninsular, Malaysia, is geographically close to Thailand, around 3.5 hours flight from Guangzhou. It is one of southeast Asia's most desirable scenic spots, and the clear turquoise waters and gentle sandy beaches make it a paradise beach resort. With 104 tropical islands, Langkawi not only has beautiful natural scenery but also has a long history and traditional culture.


When visiting make sure to go Eagle feeding on the popular 8 island jet ski tour, where you visit a fresh water lake in the mountains of an unchartered island, many interesting rock features and tropical islands and you'll also get to see an interesting fish farm full of very cute, ginormous, colorful and special fish. Going on a snorkelling day trip is highly advisable, when we went in September / October time, we saw baby sharks and thousands of colourful and hungry fish! Bring some bread to feed them and wow!!  


Langkawi is a place full of myths and legends. Folk tales such as the strange monsters, huge eagles, warriors and fairy tales are popular among the locals. The Malaysian classical literature describes the island as a resting place for Vishnu rides.


In Malay, “Langkawi” means “reddish brown eagle”. At the port of Gubu, there is a huge winged eagle statue, visible for miles out to sea. It represents a fine symbol of Langkawi architecture.


Weekly direct flights: 2

Flight duration: 3 hours and 50 minutes

Ticket price: 1,267RMB



3. Koh Samui Island, Thailand

As a world-class island resort, the water sports on the Samui island are wide in variety. You can swim, dive, sail, there are all kinds of thrilling activities waiting for you to experience. Near the airport, there is a big Buddha statue built on a high platform. The Buddha faces the green hills and the boundless sea, which makes it the best place to enjoy the sunset. While enjoying the beauty of the beach, do not forget to visit the lush coconut grove, the fishing village and the magnificent waterfalls!


Tourist facilities and nightlife are concentrated in the central area on Samui island at Mae Nam Town. Mae Nam is full of bars, nightclubs and restaurants, it is Thailand, so you get the gogo bars and red light bars here. Windsurfing and diving equipment can be rented on the shore, and jet skis are abundant on the gentle waves, carrying the joy of numerous tourists. Koh Pangnam island is a speedboat trip away with the infamous Half-moon and Full-moon parties every 2 weeks, be sure to pencil that one in!

With the most upscale resort hotels nearby and economical hostels on the beach, Samui has everything for every kind of tourist.


Daily direct flights: 1

Flight duration: 3 hours and 30 minutes

Ticket price: 2,218 – 2,350RMB



4. Hainan Island, China

Hainan island, the only tropical island in China, is known as a popular tourist resort in South-east Asia. Hainan has natural scenery of tropical island and unique ethnic customs.


With an abundance of 5 star hotels at very reasonable prices, you'll find Hainan island refreshingly enjoyable even as a non-chinese tourist. We highly recommend the Shangri-la 5 star hotel in Haikou city, Hainan, As well as the Mariott on Yalong Bay, Sanya. If you're looking to get out of a Chinese city enviroment, check out the Hilton in Wenchang, a calm, out-of-the way, 5 star resort hotel with fantastic facilities and very reasonable prices, a stone's throw away from the beach. 


With coconuts aplenty, golden sand beaches and palm trees everywhere, Hainan offers a very special view of China which you do not see in the cities. The 5 star service will surely impress you, and the buffet breakfast in the Shangri-la is the best i've ever been to! Dinner buffet is equally as good!


Daily direct flights: 9

Flight duration: 1 hour and 20 minutes

Ticket price: 510RMB – 3,250RMB



5. Bali, Indonesia

In 2015, Bali was ranked as one of the world's best islands.

The residents, mainly Balinese, have pursued Hinduism for a thousand years. Hinduism holds one of the world-class tourist destinations for their temple architecture, sculpture, painting, music, textile, local songs, dance and landscapes. Many ancient empires were found alongside the two holy rivers: Pakrisan and Petanu. The western Jembrana, a tropical jungle, still has creatures living, such as bears, wild boars and deer.


When you bathe in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, you will find it extremely relaxing with the green rain forest and the wild flowers. Of course, you could go surfing, skydiving, or climbing on Jinddamani volcanic foothills as well as the volcanic lake scenic area. Standing on the top, overlooking the distance volcanic and enjoying the cool wind, what a life!


Daily direct flights: 1

Flight duration: 5 hours and 5 minutes

Ticket amount: 1,997RMB – 2,237RMB

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