Qingdao, being famous for beer in China has it's benefits. The beer in Qingdao is the cheapest in the country. There's an abundance of bars, pubs and Chinese bars offering cold local and foreign beers, food and a fun, enjoyable evening any night of the week.

Our Recommendations:-


Qingdao Lan Kwai Fong青岛兰桂坊酒廊

Telephone: +86-532-8386 5842, +86-532-8387 8988
Address: 9 Donghai Yilu Rd, South District 青岛市南区东海一路9号


Tianzun Bar 青岛天樽酒吧

Tianzun Bar is located on the ninth floor of Qingdao Building. It is surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows. This bar is the best place to enjoy sunshine, sea sight, and the panoramic view of the entire city.

Address: 市南区香港中路89号琴岛大厦
Telephone: +86-532-8587 9393

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